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About || Risen Motherhood 

There is something we've noticed in ourselves and in moms around us ... a heaviness, and a need for burdens to be lifted. A need for there to be less on our plates, less on our minds, and less on our hearts. If moms hear one more thing that they aren't doing right, it seems that we will all collectively hit our knees in mourning and despair. There are enough hard things, and it is so easy to just stay there. We cope in a myriad of ways: we joke, we eye roll, we let our kids go untrained and undisciplined, we escape, we eat, we exercise, we work, we do whatever we can to get out from underneath the weight of our calling. We go everywhere except the one place that not only lifts our burdens, but replaces them with giant helium balloons. Moms need refreshing truth to be repeated over and over and over. In every moment - when we think are doing good enough job and when we think we are the worst mom on the planet. And that's what we care about communicating here at Risen Motherhood. The good news that when we live in light of the resurrection of Christ, we can have a secure identity and be part of a bigger story - God's redemption story.

 So this is a podcast for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn't have it all together - but we serve a God who does.

 Join us as we discuss how the gospel impacts topics like:
  • Our Mission as Mothers
  • Self-Care 
  • Postpartum Recovery 
  • Teaching Children About Jesus 
  • Marriage & Motherhood
  • Homemaking

About || Laura 
Laura Wifler has been married for six years, is a mother to two children, pregnant with her third and is currently in the process of adopting two more from Eastern Europe. She blogs at Oakland Avenue about motherhood and lifestyle and her work has been featured on popular sites such as BabyCenter, DesignSponge, Scary Mommy, Apartment Therapy and more. Laura likes her coffee black, going on hikes, dabbling in DIY and decorating, reading books with real pages to turn, and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with her children. Laura and her family reside in Chicago, Illinois.

About || Emily 
Emily Jensen has been married for seven years and is a mother to four young boys (with baby number five on the way). When she isn't sweeping food off the floor or talking about "diggers," she loves studying scripture and sharing gospel-centered truth through her writing. Emily's work has been republished on other websites, translated into other languages and shared on popular mom blogs. In addition she's published articles for the The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and For the Church. Emily and her family reside in central Iowa.

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