A quick note from the RM Team: Here at Risen Motherhood, we strive to seek out gospel-centered resources to help you grow in motherhood and your Christian walk. Below we’ve listed Bible studies and devotionals that individual members of the team have found helpful and truthful, or they come from credible authors we trust. This doesn't mean we affirm every aspect of every resource, but we hope they give you a starting point as you look for a new Bible study or devotional to engage in. If you're looking to start a Bible study with a group of women and don't know where to start, we recommend our Abide Together series, all about how to facilitate a women's Bible study group. 

And if you're curious about the difference between a Bible study and devotional and why we broke them apart, they are actually two different things. A devotional is typically a book with a short scripture excerpt and an encouraging commentary provided by the author. A Bible study, in contrast, is where you read and study scripture (typically getting into a hardback or electronic copy of the Bible, and using pen and paper) in hopes of understanding and discerning its truth for ourselves. It's gaining first-hand knowledge of the word of God, rather than reading what someone else has learned. Both have value, but if you only pick one, we encourage you to start with Bible study. For more on this, read through our Abide Together series, or check out many of our interviews listed at the bottom of this page. 

For more recommended resources, check out our other categories on the main resources page, or search the archives to view an episode's show notes for detailed articles and resources related to that week's topic.

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