Family Worship is for Mommy Too

I claim I would do anything for Him. I profess that I would suffer for him - even to the point of death. But if I'm not careful, I treat him like an old trinket, cast off in a corner, gathering dust, only coming out on Sunday mornings or when I suddenly have a need.

It's a simple question really, "Do you love Jesus more than anything?"

And if the answer is "Yes," then wouldn't we bring him to the forefront, bubbling over with excitement and joy over what he has done for us? Displaying him prominently in the most central place in our lives? Wouldn't we tell our friends, family - our children - about him?

While much of our faith is passed on to our children informally, we still must take time to sit down and teach our children the important truths of the Christian life. These times of family worship teach our children in a bright and obvious way that the gospel is everything to us. It trains our children to be aware of their desperate need of a Savior, of their need for guidance, intervention and reconciliation.

It brings reason to the truths you are showing them by your actions on a daily basis. Understanding to what you are modeling throughout the week. It brings the picture of God and the Bible full circle in a child's view.

It says, "Mommy loves God and the Bible. Mommy learns and grows from the Bible. Mommy talks to God. And Mommy loves God so much that she wants you to know how to do this too."

In truth, family devotions are not just for our children, they are for our own edification as well. Because taking time to formally teach our children about Biblical truths teaches us much: To be patient, to be thoughtful, to see the beauty in God's redemptive plan from the wonder of a child.

These are crucial years moms, let's not view intentional teaching as a burden, but a delight - a chance to display our love and devotion for the one that has done so much for us.