Four Questions To Help Determine Your Family's Ministry

If you're anything like us, you've wondered, "How do I know what God has called our family to do in His name?" While the answer to that question is far more exhaustive than a short blog post, here are some thoughts that have helped us brainstorm:

  1. What things has God already clearly called us to do in scripture? (for instance, it's already clear that he loves children, widows, orphans, the lost, the sick/hurting, the sojourner, the poor, etc. - and we KNOW we are supposed to love others in the name of Jesus and spread the gospel with those we interact with!)
  2. What relationships or circumstances has God already placed in your care? (Are you married? Do you have kids? Do you have extended family that need love/help/support? are you a part of a church family? Are you in a job where you have hurting/lost co-workers? who do you interact with regularly? Do you have neighbors or friends who don't know Jesus?)
  3. What is your heart attitude and goal in the "everyday" moments? (Are you always hoping for a more radical opportunity to come along so you can prove your love and service for God, or do you consider the small, mundane opportunities as an act of obedience and worship? Are you considering how to use the everyday opportunities for ministry?)
  4. What things are you passionate about or particularly good at doing? (Is there something your husband loves being involved in or has a heart for? Is there a particular ministry or way of life - consistent with the call of the great commission - that you can't get off of your hearts? Is there something people acknowledge that you as a family do really well just naturally?)

Prayerfully considering these questions with your spouse is a great way to start the conversation about what God has called you to. In some seasons, it might mean more radical-looking sacrifices, and in other seasons, it might mean being faithful in the ordinary work and family life that God has already given you. And remember - you may never know in this life how God uses your family to spread the gospel and impact the kingdom!