How To Stay Focused On Your Family's Ministry and Giftings

When it comes to being a family "on mission" for the gospel, it's easy to fall into the trap of comparison. As we admire what God is doing through the lives of other families (who seem to never waiver in their good works, heart for the lost, or desire to sacrifice) we can chain ourselves to the iron ball of condemnation.

Without even realizing it, our mission becomes about living-up and impressing those around us with radical service INSTEAD of resting in the full righteousness Jesus purchased on our behalf.

We must acknowledge that every family is going to live out the Great Commission differently:

some will adopt or foster orphans

some will have dinner with strangers

some will make hundreds of meals for recovering friends

some will serve in formal ministry

some will homeschool

some will be very involved in the local school system

some will have great careers and hold influence in the community

some will volunteer at clinics and non-profits

some will travel or move to other countries

some will simply be faithful in their own home and family environment

some will do quiet things that will only be seen by God

This can be hard for us to swallow. As women, especially, we want to look like we are doing "amazing" things for God so we fit-in with others. But God hasn't called us to a specific mold, and he definitely hasn't called us to external good-deeds for the sake of our own glory. Instead, God has called us to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus, knowing that it's before Him that we give an account.

So today, if you feel down, like you are dragging the weight of condemnation for your family's seemingly "unspiritual" gospel-life...stop and pray. Ask God what HE would have you do to love and serve those around you well, for HIS glory. Ask Him how you can run the race set before you, so you can shed the weight of prideful comparison and get going.

There is no perfect "gospel-centered" family, but instead, there's a beautiful tapestry of gifts, passions, circumstances, and resources woven together to reach every culture, socioeconomic class, and nation with the good news of Jesus Christ