Four Questions To Discern If A Resource Is Edifying

In light of this week's show on discerning if a resource is helpful, edifying and/or gospel-centered, here are some good checks to work through about a particular resource:

  1. Check credentials/endorsements: Who is this person? Were they educated in their field, and if so, where? How are they getting their information and who else endorses it? What is their reputation? 
  2. Check agenda: What type of theology is the author hoping the reader adopts? Is there an underlying ideology that influences their ideas? 
  3. Check associations: Who does the author "buddy-up" with? Are they involved in any questionable or unethical organizations, ministries or "tribes?"
  4. Check for the gospel: What is the author's worldview? Is it gospel-centered or coming from a different perspective completely? Related: check for common issues of false teaching: the prosperity gospel, a works-based mentality, encouraging hope in something/someone other than Christ (lifestyle, relationship, parenting method, finding the "perfect" balance, etc.) or a culturally relative mentality - "whatever seems good to me or others must be right."