Motherhood Builds A Legacy of Glory for Eternity

I think every person has a desire to see results - to feel like something is happening from our efforts, that they're making a difference. We are a culture of instant gratification after all. But when all you're doing most of the day is picking up fuzz, crumbs and toys off the floor, it can be hard to see the value. It feels very ... small.

But the truth is, motherhood is not small work. It is a slow process, one that isn't obvious or grand to the world - it takes stamina, patience and vision - but the results are things legacies are made of. The results of putting in our time as mothers - for all the long days, years, decades - will yield results of eternal value, which is so much more important than the instant gratification we so desire in a moment.

It is at the end of persevering through this long road that all these messy days are apart of we will be rewarded with His full display of glory, not only in our children's lives, but our own lives as well. Moms - our labors of finding the lost shoe and reuniting it with its match is not in vain. That shoe is valuable work - missional work. Motherhood is about being faithful in the mundane things, because we understand we were once infected by sin and death, but we have been healed and cleansed by the cross - now instruments of grace, sacrifice and perseverance that are to reflect Christ to our children.

There is no task, no building, no effort, greater than this one. 

So today, when you are feeling frazzled, alone, worn out, or just plain fed up, remember why we do this: You are not just changing diapers, scrubbing the toilet or picking the towels up off the floor for the 500th time, you are raising hearts - glorious, long-lasting, eternal souls. It is grand, majestic, holy work you are doing, momma.

Live today in light of the fact that you are serving your children for a value that will last long beyond this life. You are building a legacy of glory for eternity.