Meet the R|M Team!

Hey Friends! 

We’re taking the week off posting new articles because we’re over on Instagram and Facebook stories all week giving a behind-the-scenes look at everyone on the team! We know many of you have joined us over the summer, and we’re so glad you’re here! To help you get to know us, we’re answering questions like,

“What are you doing as your quiet time? 
“What are you doing for quiet time with your kiddos?”
“What are your favorite Bible study aids?
“What current verse are you using to “preach the gospel to yourself?” 

Plus, we’re listing favorite resources that we're currently using and loving. If you want to join us, keep an eye out on our IG and FB profiles (@risenmotherhood) — here’s the schedule: 

Monday, August 6 // Emily
Tuesday, August 7 // Autumn
Wednesday, August 8 // Laura
Thursday, August 9 // Becca
Friday, August 10 // Kaitlin

If you’d like to get a sneak peek at the resources we’re sharing, head to this page. 

And get excited, the R|M podcast returns in less than a month, September 5, 2018! We can’t wait to be back in your earbuds!