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Here's why we need your help. 

Updated 12/18

Updated 12/18

When we launched  Risen Motherhood over two years ago, we weren't sure what it would become. Today, tens of thousands of women engage in R|M’s content every day. We’re amazed by God's goodness in bringing together so many women who desire to do motherhood in light of the gospel!

While we offer our resources for free, running the ministry isn’t free. Each month we pay operational costs for hosting, email subscription services, web programming, photography, transcriptions, and more. We also pay our team to develop high-quality creative content for the podcast, website, and social media, and to do things like manage finances and legal, or keep a well-functioning website.

But we know that asking for funding can sometimes be ambiguous. So in the name of full disclosure, here are some numbers that might help you understand why we need your help. To produce one episode of the Risen Motherhood podcast, it costs about $500, which is $15,000 a year. To produce one blog post, it’s about $200, which equates to $20,000 a year at our current rate of two posts a week. For a new equipping resource, it takes anywhere from $500-$1,000, which doesn’t include costs if we work with a professional artist or a translator (like the  Kids's Abide Cards). These resources are free to anyone in the world, all because of the generosity of the R|M community. 

It will take both ongoing donations and one-time gifts to keep this ministry running, so we're asking for people to lock-arms with us at a variety of levels. Please prayerfully consider joining our community of donors and become a vital part of equipping women to see connections between the gospel and their everyday lives. 

where your money goes:

Your support allows us to: 

  • Continue producing high-quality content for each week's podcast, reaching tens of thousands of women every week.

  • Increase the production quality of the show through better recording equipment and editing software.

  • Build out the R|M site with gospel-centered encouragement in motherhood from voices around the web.

  • Create bonus content videos and behind-the-scenes looks at what R|M is up to.

  • Consistently share encouraging and thoughtful content on social media to reorient a mother's thoughts around the gospel.

  • Curate and organize helpful and theologically-sound resources for mothers to invest in their, and their family's, faith. 

  • Develop questionairries for moms to think through common topics in motherhood with a gospel-centered lens.

  • Send out our monthly newsletter with resources, helpful articles, and tips for gospel-centered motherhood. 

  • Keep creating robust show notes with additional resources and discussion questions for listeners to dive deeper into topics.

  • Expand the resources in RM|EQUIPPING & The Abide Method to help women grow in biblical literacy.

  • Sustain the addition of transcripts for each show—useful for when women can't listen (e.g.: on a lunch break at work or with a nursing babe in the night), can easily be translated into another language, and is helpful for going back to find a quote.

  • Dream big for R|M—we have many things we'd love to do, but without additional funding, these ideas won't be able to come to fruition.

We can't do it without your help. Every dollar truly makes a difference.


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