At Risen Motherhood, we hope to encourage mothers to grow in their ability to think with a gospel-lens and discernment in their every day life, by applying God's framework for flourishing living laid out in scripture. To assist in this skill, we've started to develop Gospel-Thinking tools around sensitive and weighty decisions that many moms face. We hope to continue to tackle more topics where applicable and as time allows. 


Gospel-Thinking: Questions for Family Planning


Gospel Thinking: 10 Opportunities to Talk to Your Child about God in Everyday Life


Gospel-Thinking: Questions for School Choice


Gospel Thinking: Questions for Family Traditions

Want to share Risen Motherhood with your church, mom's group or Bible study? We'd be honored if you chose to download and print one of our flyers to share with your community. Hang it in a nursing mom's room, set them out on tables during a meet up, pin them to a bulletin board, or hey, you could even hang one in the bathroom. You never know when a mom is going to need the refreshing truth of the gospel – and we're all about the everyday moments, right? 

We recommend printing these on cardstock paper. 



(8.5"x11", with a bit more information)



(5'x7", printed with two on a page)