We know in this season of overflowing backseats, diaper bags, and mama heartbeats, the last thing you need is an overflowing inbox. So we just pop in once a month to share some of our favorite gospel-centered resources and encouragement for motherhood. We talk about what’s on our bookshelves and in our earbuds, tips to try, and things that might make you happy. It’s like the perfect coffee date with a friend but no one needs to find a babysitter.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a free print (pictured up top) to help remind you of the gospel. Tape it to the wall above the changing table, frame it for the living room, or (as Emily once said) stick it near the toilet…for potty training. We want you to learn how to do what we do around here: apply the creation-fall-redemption-consummation biblical framework to your everyday life. We think this print will help. (And it’s really pretty.)

The gospel changes everything. And we’re honored to be in your inbox talking about it.

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