Welcome! For the first time ever, RM is opening our blog for guest submissions from mommas all over the world! We couldn't be more excited to be doing this, and we're grateful for your interest and willingness to serve the community with your time and words. Below you'll find more information about what we're looking for and what guidelines our posts must meet in order to be considered for publication. 



  • Sound theological content with scriptural support in each piece (All of our authors must align with our statement of faith.)
  • Diversity of experience including but not limited to cultural upbringings/backgrounds, socioeconomic status, age, geographic locations, etc.
  • New and published writers (You do not need to be published elsewhere to be considered!) We're looking for moms who can clearly articulate and apply gospel truth to daily motherhood in a way that fosters hope and dependence on Christ alone.
  • Original pieces that have not been published elsewehre
  • Posts on the following topics will receive a higher priority, although we're open to any topic related to motherhood and application of the gospel:
    • Intimacy in marriage
    • Financial responsibility/budgeting
    • Handling technology in the home
    • Divorce
    • Remarriage
    • Single motherhood
  • To help you understand our preferred tone, style of writing, and balance between storytelling and gospel application, take a look at the posts already published on the blog.


In order for your piece to be considered, it must meet our article guidelines, include a headshot, and a bio. All articles for the RM blog should be between 900-1,200 words, with a clear topical focus related to motherhood and the gospel. Your piece should be about 70% gospel application from scripture and 30% personal storytelling. We strive to offer biblical hope instead of practical pieces. At RM, we emphasize the centrality of the gospel and the freedom in Christ granted to all moms. We use welcoming language to build women up in biblical truth and to strike a balance between challenging theological content with language that's relatable for moms who are new in their faith. Our ministry desires to tenderly come alongside women with sound biblical wisdom and encouragement in order to run the race with them in the pursuit of God's glory alone.


We are so excited to have you submit to our blog—thank you!

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