Thank you for your willingness to participate in our survey! As you may know, Risen Motherhood is in the process of reaching non-profit status (We hope in early 2019!), making all donations tax-deductible. In light of this, we’d love to hear from our current supporters about what they’d like to see from R|M as we re-evaluate our giving platform and program going forward.

Please keep in mind: At R|M our desire is to reach as many mothers as possible with the hope of the gospel. To this end, our philosophy has always been to keep as much content as we can available to all mothers, regardless of financial status or giving to the organization. For each “insider perk” we provide, that time and money is being spent on a select few, rather than made available to any mother around the world. That said, we also understand the benefit of being appreciated for your generosity, and we want to recognize and honor all of you (and any other donor) who make this ministry possible. By filling out the below survey, you’ll help us understand how to best direct our efforts as a nonprofit.

Please remember, these surveys are anonymous, and we genuinely want to hear what you think. Responding honestly will help us transition successfully.

1. What impact did the perks have for why you initially started giving to R|M?
2. What impact do perks play on why you continue to give to R|M:
3. In your opinion, does the fact that your donation to R|M will now be tax-deductible change how your desire for perks?
For question 4, please find your level of giving on Patreon and check the radio button that you most identify with.
4a. $2 level and above Patron: How much did the handbooks impact your giving level?
4b. $5 level and above Patron: How much did the phone backgrounds impact your giving level?
4c. $10 level and above Patron: How much did the art print impact your giving level?
4d. $30 level and above Patron: How much did the video call impact your giving level?
4e. $30 level and above Patron: How much did the exclusive tee impact your giving level?
5. Keeping in mind our ministry philosophy noted above, what giving program would you most like to see going forward: