Ep. 77 || Ask Us Anything! Fall 2017 Edition

We’ve had many questions from listeners about all things motherhood, ranging from the super practical to the thought-provoking and theological. We tackled many of those last spring, but it’s time to answer a new list of frequently asked questions! In this special one-hour episode, Laura and Emily laugh and talk about lessons learned, their friendship, what they’re currently reading, personal testimonies, and so much more. We hope that as you listen in, you’ll pick up a few ideas about how the gospel impacts every aspect of motherhood!

Questions & Resources Mentioned (In the order of the show): 

About Laura & Emily and Risen Motherhood: 

Our Motherhood Journeys: 

  • What things (good or bad) did/do you get hung up on pertaining to raising little ones? Things that you obsess over or try with all your might to control eg. sleep, food, hygiene. And more importantly, how do you give those things over to God?

  • What's the best spiritual & most practical advice you've received during your time as a mom?

  • How do you do more than just survive with multiple kiddos?

  • How to cope with little sleep: Pregnancy Insomnia, newborn stage, temporary illnesses, etc.

Our Marriage Journeys:

Thoughts on Ministry & Parenting


Future Shows!

  • Private school, public school, homeschool? - Coming Soon

  • How to find balance and intentionality for full-time working moms? - Coming Soon

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This fall, the RM team will be experimenting with adding discussion questions to serve as a launch point for further conversation. Our hope is that these questions will encourage you to dig deep and see how the gospel transforms motherhood.

Discussion Questions

There are a lot of different ways to do things as a mom. From using the church nursery to splitting up the home chores, Christians experience freedom in many of our day-to-day decisions! As Emily and Laura share some of their personal experiences in this episode, we hope their words spark a conversation about the many different ways the gospel applies to motherhood. Ultimately, the true goal of every mom is to bring glory to God in all that we do (Col. 3:15-17).

  1. When we think of mothering, we think of the eternal work within our homes. Laura mentioned keeping that perspective when things pop up with our children and in our homes. What are some recent “pop ups” in your life? How does an eternal perspective shape your view of them?

  2. While marriages look different, they all show us the grace and faithfulness of God. In what ways have you seen God’s grace through your marriage recently? If you’re experiencing a life struggle or trial, what are some ways you could remind your spouse of God’s faithfulness?

  3. It can be really challenging to learn a new balance or rhythm after adding a kid or two (or three or four!). Often times, there’s a period where everyone in the house needs a bit more grace. If you’re in a season of transition, what are some practical ways you can offer grace to your husband or children?

  4. As Emily and Laura mentioned, motherhood looks different for every woman. Rather than focusing on any other mom, how can you best fulfill your calling as a mother, wife, and believer with your gifts, skills, and abilities?