Seven Opportunities To Speak Live-Giving Words To Your Children

For it is no empty word for you, but your very life.
— Deuteronomy 32:47A

So, you want to speak life-giving words to your littles, but you feel awkward getting started? Here are a few natural times that you can practice today:

1 - When they are imaging Jesus: “You are helping & serving Mommy! Thank you!”

2 - When they make the choice to obey: “God helped you keep your hands in the cart at the store like Mommy asked! Good self-control!”

3 - When they need biblical wisdom: “Remember, whoever loves God must also love his brother. This is hard, but God can help you be kind!”

4 - When they are afraid or unsure: “I know you feel scared. Remember, you God is always with you.”

5 - When they are headed to nap or bedtime: “Mommy loves you so much. I’m so glad God put you in our family.”

6 - When you notice a gift or special ability: “God created you with such a wonderful imagination. I can’t wait to see how you use that to help others someday!”

7 - When you notice an area of weakness: “It’s hard to use nice words, but God can help change your heart and your words.”

Of course, your words don’t have to sound exactly like that, & the opportunities for speaking life are much wider but hopefully these can be good ideas to get you started! Finish (or start) the week strong, momma. Encourage your little ones and point them to Jesus.

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