"See Needs and Meet Them"

"See needs and meet them."

My mom pounded this phrase into me as a kid. All she had to do was say, "see needs..." and I knew what she was going to say and (more importantly) what she meant. Today, I'm finding myself repeating that phrase to my children. Whether it's someone needing a tissue because they're crying, a cabinet door that needs shut, or toys spread across the floor that need cleaned up, my prayer for my children is they will grow to be people that see needs – and instead of waiting for someone to ask them to help – they are the first to stand up and help without ever being asked.

This simple phrase carries so much weight and meaning for myself, and hopefully someday for my kids: To be observant of their surroundings; to take initiative; to have empathy for others; to be industrious and hardworking; discerning and attentive. And most importantly, it reminds them to live a life like Jesus' example. To have a servant's heart that loves others more than themselves. To see the true needs below the surface – the needs of the heart and to humbly serve in a way that draws the glory and fame to God and his great works, rather than to the work of their own hands.

His fame, not ours.

For a heart that is saved is a heart that serves. And a heart that serves is a heart that acts as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Let us be mothers that teach our children to "see needs and meet them." And not only teach it, but live it.