Free Printable: Inductive Bible Study Worksheets & Companion Card

For years I viewed my interaction with the Bible as a debit account: I had a need, so I went to the Bible to withdraw an answer. But we do much better to view our interaction with the Bible as a savings account: I stretch my understanding daily, I deposit what I glean, and I patiently wait for it to accumulate in value, knowing that one day I will need to draw on it.
— Jen Wilkin, Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

As busy moms, it's easy to come to scripture with a "debit account" mentality, hoping for a quick and sweet bite of truth to obtain what we think we need for the day. But God's word is more than just a quick bite! Although He is faithful to use little nuggets of truth to encourage us, there is even more value in making a lifelong investment in the study of His word. Every word of scripture is valuable for heart transformation, even when we can't see the results right away! We hope that these free resources will help you grow in your love of God as you grow in knowledge of him through Bible study. Below you’ll find tips for using our free printables and instructions for how to print them.


What is Inductive Bible Study?

Not completely sure you know what we mean when we say, "Inductive Bible Study?" We hope you'll check out the following resources to brush up on this method:

Basically, when you're studying the Bible inductively, you'll want to pick a book of the Bible or a passage of scripture and seek to understand its original meaning in context BEFORE you decide what it means and how to apply it to your life!



The “Questions for Bible Study” companion card (pictured above) is something you can tuck into your Bible or keep in a binder with your Inductive Bible Study worksheets as a reminder of questions to ask when you are seeking to understand, interpret, and apply the text. And remember, these aren't the *only* questions to ask - let the Holy Spirit guide your mind to do word studies, read the verse in other translations, and cross reference for meaning!


Our Inductive Bible Study Worksheets give you a place to write down what you’re learning as you study a passage. We recommend using several of these to work through a whole book of the Bible or passage over the course of many weeks or months. Print off 25-50 of these worksheets as a guide to help keep your thoughts organized as you sit down each week to learn more about the text.


Version 1:

(Pictured Above)

  • If you are brand-new to this method, you might want to start with this worksheet! It's as simple as filling in the date and passage of scripture you're working on that day (which might just be one verse!) and then using the companion card to guide your study. 


Version 2:

(Pictured Above)

  • If you have studied the bible inductively before, you might want to try this worksheet. It includes an extra section for paraphrasing and encourages more time spent on observation / interpretation with a smaller section for a thought of application.



Don't forget to have a few of these blank cards on hand so you can write down some scriptures from your study time that you want to hang up or carry around to memorize or think on throughout the day. You can set them next to the sink, tape them to your bathroom mirror, or set it in your car. These are multi-purpose, so you can really remember and keep meditating on the things God is teaching you!


For more tools to help equip you in gospel-centered motherhood, check out our RM|EQUIPPING page. There you'll find even more resources to help you live intentionally as a mother, growing in Biblical literacy and your love of God. 


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  3. Print out the PDF on your home computer or at a copy center.

  4. For the "Truth in the Trenches" compaion card , we recommend printing on a heavy weight cardstock.