The Inductive Bible Study Method Tutorial Is Live!

We're so excited to announce that the full tutorial for how to study the Bible Inductively is live! While there are many wonderful resources out there to study the Bible, the Inductive method is one that requires at minimum, nothing but a Bible and a pen (and maybe some extra paper if it's not a journaling Bible), and is a skill that can be applied to any verse or passage of scripture. It's a wonderful method to use in full for your Bible study, or can be used as a great launching point for any Bible study you engage in. 

The biggest reason we recommend practicing the Inductive method is that this way of studying the Bible puts God first. Instead of asking the question, "What does the Bible say about me and what I should do?" It first asks, "What does the Bible say about God and what he has done and has yet to do?" It exchanges the primary goal of study from knowledge-of-self for knowledge-of-God. 

But a funny thing happens when we do this: Learning about God in turn, tells us about ourselves. Because we are image bearers of God, we can only understand ourselves fully and correctly when we understand who we are through the lens of who God is. Which is why a careful and critical study of the character of God as revealed in the scriptures is so important to a Christian's walk and growth.

We'll be honest, engaging in a deliberate and dedicated study of God's word can feel slow and difficult at times. It will take some frustration, questions and learning to live deep in the "I don't know." But over time, a faithful study of the Bible will develop a solid foundational knowledge of who God is and what his good plan and design is for his people. In turn, this will not only advance a deeper love and devotion to your Savior in your heart, it will also provide a backdrop for gospel-centered thinking and the ability to discern truth from lies, making wise decisions through a Biblical lens. 

So whether this is your first time trying out this method, or it's something you've been practicing for quite a while, we're hopeful that our tutorial will be helpful in walking you through the process and staying focused as you utilize this method. Always remember that this system is one that should be fluid and flexible. As moms, we know we don't always have as much time as we would like to engage in Bible study, so know that this tutorial can be personalized to fit your style and the time you have available. For example, some people use five or six different colors with their key word markings, some just use one. Some days, you'll have time to dig into the original Greek or Hebrew, other days, you may have to skip that step because baby has woken up early from their nap.


The good news is, God's word will never return void. Trust him that as long as you are engaging in your study with a right heart and a desire to learn more about who God is, your consistent, careful, digging will reveal gold. We pray that as you study God's word – no matter the method or tools you use – that you would be a woman that increases in her knowledge of God and in return, the more transformed into his image you become.

You can find the full tutorial right here, our favorite tools for this method of study on the Resources page, and to find all the free Inductive Bible Study Printables, visit RM|EQUIPPING.