Help us Spread the Hope of the Gospel

Help us Spread the Hope of the Gospel

Not too long ago, a missionary mom emailed to share a story with us. She told us she was using the podcast as a means to meet new moms in a foreign country. Many of the moms she met wanted to learn English, so she shared the show with them and quickly gospel conversations began. Another mom told us she was struggling in her faith after the birth of her second child, but after interacting with the ministry on social media, she decided to get back to reading her Bible and spending time with God. A third mom messaged us about an unbelieving friend she was praying for and witnessing to for two years. One day the friend finally showed interest in the gospel—she wanted to talk about what she heard on the R|M podcast. A husband recently messaged us to say he’d noticed a change in his wife. He felt it was due, in part, to God using the ministry in her life.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Each week messages pour into our inbox, telling powerful stories about God’s work through R|M. While every person has a different story to share, there’s one common theme: God is on the move, he is changing hearts and lives, drawing mothers to himself.

Join Us In The Ministry of Risen Motherhood

Join Us In The Ministry of Risen Motherhood

Hi friends, we wanted to take a moment to share about something new at Risen Motherhood!

Our belief is when you influence a mother, you influence a family. She listens to gospel-centered Bible teaching, and her husband might listen to it as well. She purchases a children’s Bible, and her children might hear scripture at breakfast. She thinks deeply about the gospel, and her husband is challenged by her example while her children see it in action. When a mom's heart is softened to the gospel, it overflows into living rooms, breakfast tables, bedtime routines, school meetings, playdates, and more.

We started RM because we believe in the impact a mom can have in her family and those around her. We create gospel-centered content through our podcast, social media platforms, and equipping resources, with the hope that moms will fall more in love with Christ, and better understand how the resurrection transforms their lives.

This work is incredibly important to us, and many of you have shared testimonies of how God has transformed your view of motherhood through RM's content. If this is you, we'd love for you to come alongside us in this eternally important mission as we launch Patreon, a platform for supporting brands and ministries like RM. When you join the RM community through Patreon, you partner financially with us and contribute directly to the work of this ministry. As a supporter, you'll not only gain access to insider perks and gifts, but you fund ongoing expenses for the website, resources, and podcast.

No matter what, our current content (like the podcast episodes and Abide Together tools) at RM will remain free – we want all mothers to have access and grow together in the gospel – but if you’re able, will you consider pledging a contribution as you see the value of what we're doing?

Please only give as you feel led, but even $1 a month will make a difference for the ministry. You can learn more through the blog post Laura wrote and on our Patreon page (both linked in profile).

Thank you again for partnering with us, as moms all over the world hear about the transforming power of the gospel!

Laura & Emily