Unique Circumstances

Dishes and Desk Work: All Moms Work for the Glory of God

Dishes and Desk Work: All Moms Work for the Glory of God

It’s easy to look at other moms’ lives and judge them against our own, or judge ours against theirs...

Instead, what we should focus on is that every mom has been given unique families with unique children who have unique needs. God has called all moms into the service of Christ within the context of their particular families. But every family is different, which means the hard work of motherhood looks different for each woman....

It’s by Christ alone that we are justified and called righteous by God. God does not look at our dinner menus, diaper counts, corporate success, or money earned to pardon us. It’s by Christ alone that we find mercy when we are in need, not in our husbands, children, or jobs. It’s by Christ alone that God extends his boundless, extravagant grace to us in every moment to do every good work he’s called us to do (2 Cor. 9:8).

The good work is faithfully done by the mom with dishes up to her elbows and the mom with business reports stacked on her desk. It’s completed by women who long to see God glorified in their lives.

The good work is the hard, faithful, joyful work of the women submitted, not to the uniqueness of one another, but to the Lord.