The Mail Delivery that Made Us Cry

Three years ago, I was living in Chicago, and Emily was living in central Iowa. At the time, Risen Motherhood was just two moms with a weekly podcast a handful of social media handles. Twice a week, we met together over Skype from 6 - 7 a.m. to work on R|M. We drank our coffee while we woke up and recorded shows, planned content, and discussed upcoming projects. We lived in the moment, each week scrambling to push out new writing or shows, everything published in real-time. We didn’t know where we were headed and in many ways, we didn’t mind. God was doing things bigger than us—we were just there for the ride.

As R|M grew, the emails started coming in from moms asking us to add transcriptions. At first, we didn’t think much of it, but as the requests grew, we wanted to listen. Moms told us they’d prefer to read the show while nursing a sleepy babe in the night. Others said they’d like to translate it into their native tongue, both to understand it better, and share it with women who didn’t speak English in their community. Others said they’d use it to go back and grab a quote or reference it later for discussion with their Podcast Club. A few moms wrote to us to share that they were hard of hearing or deaf. They loved what they saw coming out of R|M on Instagram and Facebook, but couldn’t listen to the show. Transcripts would make it possible.

We looked into the costs of transcripts and found it would be around $1,000 to transcribe all our existing shows. At the time, R|M was entirely funded out-of-pocket by Emily and myself and this cost was out of reach. We knew R|M would need to monetize soon, but we weren’t sure how. So we waited and prayed.


One week later I went out to my mailbox on a sunny afternoon, and inside was a letter with a check designated to Risen Motherhood for $1,000.

I immediately started crying. When I had semi-composed myself, I sent a photo to Emily, knowing she’d agree: We would use this to start transcripts of the Risen Motherhood podcast.

I used to think those things only happen to missionaries or in Bible times—or at least only to other people. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d have a modern-day George Muller moment. But you know what, friends? Since that day, God has done this type of thing over and over again for the ministry of Risen Motherhood. I could tell you story after about God’s abundant provision for every need we have. He has been good and kind to our ministry. Protecting, providing, preparing the way, God’s fingerprints are found in every nook and cranny of the work we do here.

As you know, we’re no longer “just a podcast,” and our team has grown from two to six. Our community has grown from a handful of friends and family to more than 100,000 women around the world. R|M has grown far beyond a “fun morning project;” we’re a full-blown, nonprofit ministry. I won’t say it’s been an easy road to get here. It hasn’t. But it has been a humbling, refining, wonderful road. I’m grateful to have a front row seat to God’s work as we challenge the stereotypes and pressures a modern mom faces, to bring women hope in every moment of motherhood.

But we can’t do this work on our own. We need your help. Risen Motherhood depends on the regular support of those who believe in the impact of this ministry. Will you join us in the work God is doing to change lives around the world through the gospel, impacting not only moms, but their husbands, children, and communities? We need you to join us as a regular, faithful supporter in prayer and in giving if we’re to continue this work.

We’ve also just introduced a new giving initiative. If you give a one-time gift of $100 or more, R|M will send a handwritten note from our team to a designated recipient of your choice. This is a wonderful way to remember a friend’s miscarriage, honor your own mother on Mother’s Day, celebrate your friend’s third pregnancy, or that all the kiddos are finally fully potty trained. (It’s a big deal!) With this type of donation, you can show someone you love and care, while furthering the hope of the gospel to women around the world.

No matter what, thank you for being here. Every person that listens, reads, and interacts with our content matters to us, and we’re grateful for you. All praise be to God.

Laura Wifler

Executive Director of Risen Motherhood

*Wondering how that check landed in my mailbox? Some time prior, a listener emailed me asking where she could send a check with a donation. I gave her my home address, promising her I’d spend it on R|M expenses, but with no formal business account or address, she’d just have to trust me. It had been so long before, I completely forgot about it.


Laura Wifler is the Co-Founder of Risen Motherhood and the Co-Host of the weekly podcast. She's a wife and mom to three littles. Laura likes her coffee black, going on hikes, reading books with real pages to turn, and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with her children.