Ep. 101 || Resources for Growing in Grace: Good, Better, Best?

Books, podcasts, Bible studies, conferences, articles, and social media—oh my! With so many resources and so little time, how should a mom choose the best resources for her spiritual growth? In this episode, Emily and Laura share how wise use of time on the best resources is a stewardship issue. Our hearts can chase the wrong sources of wisdom and false gods too easily, but through the study of God’s word and the work of the Holy Spirit, we can all grow in wisdom and discernment as we choose excellent resources to fill our time!

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It’s important to figure out what kind of time you actually have—do you have the ability to play something (audiobook, podcast, sermon) in the background while you wash dishes, commute to work, go for a walk? Do you have a couple weekends a year to attend a conferences? Do you have evenings when you could take an online seminar, read a book, or engage in a Bible study group with women at your church? It’s good to see those pockets! The following questions can be useful to determine what to do with this time:

  1. Have I prioritized reading my Bible and spending time with God? If not, that’s the first thing that goes on the schedule.

  2. Realistically, how much time do I have to give to other resources for growth? Can I go to one or two conference this year? Can I read two books a month? Can I be involved in a book club and Bible study, or just one?

  3. Am I involved in my local church? Have I asked how I can give? Or only considered what I can “take?”

  4. For the things I do engage in—what is its purpose?

    1. Am I leaning too heavily on one resource, ministry, or person? Am I trusting in something other than the Bible to be my authority?

    2. Have I thought critically about my favorite resources? Have I evaluated them with a gospel-lens to see if they are edifying for my Christian walk?

  5. Am I willing to stop consuming resources that are not healthy for me?

    1. Ex: Maybe you’re feeling conviction about a book you’re reading for book club, but overall you like it and enjoy it, yet you know there are better options out there for your time.