Ep. 102 || Evangelism in the Little Years

Most of us know evangelism is an important part of the Christian life—so why does it feel so overwhelming and awkward? Maybe you worry you’ll say the wrong thing or offend someone, but when you think about it, is there anything better or more beautiful than sharing Christ’s love? In this episode, Laura and Emily discuss some common pitfalls we experience in evangelism and the gospel hope which drives us to try again. From the people in our home to those we see in our communities, we can share the greatest news of Christ’s resurrection by simply sharing what he did and how the gospel impacts our own lives!

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Evangelism doesn’t always come naturally to us, but it is something we’re supposed to do. Instead of obsessing over saying the perfect things or having all of the answers, we can share with others how the gospel has changed our lives and the joy we have in knowing Jesus. Our personal examples easily lead into biblical truths of God’s gracious nature towards us and the gift of Christ to us. Below we’ll work through some questions to pinpoint the areas in which we struggle and how to add more moments of evangelism into our everyday lives.

  1. Let’s be honest, friends. How long has it been since you’ve shared the gospel with someone? What excuses do you make to yourself in the moment? (Ex. Worried about offending, feeling unprepared, etc.) What is at the heart of your excuses? (Ex. Fear, embarrassment, etc.)

  2. Let’s practice a bit. Try to explain—to a close friend, a kiddo, or a blank wall—how knowing Christ as your Savior has changed your life. Keep it short and simple so it’s something you can share in just a few sentences or a few minutes. To help get you started: what is the biggest difference in your life since you became a Christian or how has the gospel given you hope throughout your life?

  3. We do serve as missionaries to the people in our homes, but we also serve as missionaries in our communities. It’s a delicate balance to be dutiful to both spheres, but God’s grace covers all that we do and he is the one who is sovereign over people’s hearts. Can you think of two people in your immediate sphere of influence that you could share the gospel with in the next month?

  4. Momma, know that in every moment, you are not alone. When you feel nervous or awkward, God is still using your moments of obedience in his perfect plans. We have a God who is faithful to us in all circumstances—isn’t that cause for great joy? What do you love most about God? What are you most thankful for about Christ’s death and resurrection? How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in your life currently? These are all natural conversation starters as you meet with friends and neighbors.

  5. When we take time to dwell on the profound truth of the gospel and as we continue to grow in God’s grace, there is a natural overflow of godliness into our lives. Our thoughts, behaviors, and desires change. Knowing the effects of God’s love in our lives causes us to share his love with others. Who can keep a good thing to themselves? So, how is the gospel the greatest thing in your life? Why is it the greatest thing in everyone’s lives?