Ep. 121 || Can You Make Any Life You Want?


Want to start a business? Wondering if you should start traveling for your job or pick up an extra shift? Trying to bend and stretch your schedule to make all your opportunities work? Being able to consider new work responsibilities, ministry roles, or creative endeavors isn’t the norm for everyone, but when we have a choice, it’s a huge privilege to steward. In this episode, Emily and Laura discuss how to evaluate new or changing career or ministry opportunities. We’re made to work and use our gifts to pass on the legacy of faith in all we do. By tuning our thoughts to God’s word, we can pursue holiness, count the cost of each decision, and lay down our lives for others.


No matter our circumstances, our primary goal in all we do—in, out of, and from the home—is to bring God glory by loving him and loving others. While our lives and decisions will look different than the moms around us, we know God will provide wisdom for our specific challenges and seasons as we seek to glorify him and obey his word.

  1. There are a lot of popular messages online and in conversations about women and work. What are some common ones you hear? (Ie. Can you really have it all? Is there a perfect balance? Should all be stay-at-home moms?) Can you spot any false ideas within them?

  2. The Bible teaches God created us to do good work in order to steward and care for all his creation, which means our gifts and talents are used to bring him glory in every role. Do you view all your roles as working for God? How does your current work impact the kingdom mission?

  3. Because of sin, we can get narrow-minded about our work. It’s easy to think of ourselves first—our desires, accomplishments, preferences, and dreams. Christ laid down his life in order to serve us and build God’s kingdom. He considered us as more important than himself. How does this reality change how we consider new opportunities?

  4. Thankfully, God is always in control, and we can trust he is leading and shaping us into Christlikeness through all things. What are some practical ways you can decide on new opportunities as a woman submitted to God?

  5. Is there a new career or ministry opportunity in front of you right now? A dream business you’d like to start? Who in your life could you ask for godly counsel? When can you talk to your husband about it? What resources has God given you in your local body to help you wisely decide on these opportunities?


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