Ep. 76 || Sally Clarkson: Nourishing & Training Up Your Children at the Table

The idea of eating around the table with little ones may bring to mind little tea cups in front of stuffed animal friends or fidgeting children and food-covered floors. No matter what mealtimes look like in our homes, each meal is a chance to share how God’s love impacts our children’s lives. In this episode, Sally Clarkson, wife, mother of four, and prolific author, offers her wealth of experience and insight on sharing Christ with your children around the family table. By making our times at the table something special and an opportunity for training, moms can tackle the hard work of sharing gospel truths in a natural way within the daily rhythm of mealtimes.

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This fall, the RM team will be experimenting with adding discussion questions to serve as a launch point for further conversation. Our hope is that these questions will encourage you to dig deep and see how the gospel transforms motherhood.

Discussion Questions:

Jesus prepared meals for his disciples (John 21:1-14), and by doing so, He set an example for moms everywhere to nourish the bodies and hearts of our children. We have the unique opportunity to create family legacies in every part of our daily rhythms including the time spent around the table. Let’s think about how we can keep an eternal perspective and use mealtimes to share the most important and life-giving truths with our children.

  1. Raising children has implications for eternity. What does this mean? How is motherhood eternal work?

  2. As a mom, you are a living example of God’s love towards your children. The way you speak and what you choose to speak about with them highlights what you value most. What are the most foundational and important gospel truths that you want to teach your children?

  3. Mealtimes are a great time to teach your children the value of being a family and the uniqueness of belonging to one another. Sally mentioned making mealtime a special thing for your children. What is one new thing you can do today to create a culture of Christ-centeredness around your table?

  4. Moms who are full of authentic joy have their own treasure chests full of love, gentleness, patience, and grace. In what ways can you be nourished and equipped by the gospel before you serve your family?

  5. Every family table will have discouraging days of miscommunication, tiredness, and selfish behaviors. Every mom will miss the mark of perfection. How does the gospel encourage you to try again in pursuit of God’s glory?