Ep. 85 || Same Grace, Unique Circumstances: Every Mom is your Neighbor

We’re excited to be back and set the course for our 2018 theme: unity in the gospel! While moms may look and act differently than one another, we find common ground in being followers of Christ. In this episode, Laura and Emily share the heartbeat behind this year’s theme by looking at the letter to the Ephesians. Much like Paul’s audience of Jews and Gentiles, we’re moms of different races, backgrounds, giftings, and more. But being heirs of Christ gives us all the same foundation. So let’s spend the year learning what it means to be united as the body of Christ as we seek to glorify God in our lives. We’re grateful to journey together with you!


Also in this episode, Emily and Laura share about a new endeavor RM is embarking on, and you can be apart of it! Find out the details at the beginning of this show!

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Imagine the Church of Ephesus at the time Paul wrote his letter. There were new Gentile Christians, old tradition Jews, and a new church learning to worship together. They had different backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic situations, giftings, and more. The Jews preferred their religious tradition, and the Gentiles sometimes celebrated freedom from the religious practices of the Jews.  While we can only imagine the the experiences of those in Ephesus, we can see these same differences in our own church bodies. As our 2018 theme kicks off, let’s explore what it means for us all to be united in Jesus.  We used to be slaves to sin but now, we’re all alive through the person and work of our Savior, Jesus. When we stand together before the cross, there are no distinctions; we are one in Jesus (Gal. 3:28).

  1. If we are followers of Christ, then we worship the same God. This gives us a stronger foundation as sisters-in-Christ than having the same preferences in food, activities, schooling, clothing, or anything else in life. What are some big biblical truths that all Christians are united on? (For example, being saved by grace alone and not works.)

  2. As Christians, we are all called to lay down our lives and obey God in whatever circumstances he’s given us. We’re also called to spur one another on in our race of faith. Do you know a mom in a different life circumstance than you? How can you pray for her right now?

  3. While we are one in Christ, this doesn’t mean there are no biblical guidelines given to us by God to understand how to live in a way that is pleasing to him. We cannot do whatever we want whenever we want, which is why biblical literacy is so important! We must know what scripture says in order to discern what we hear in the world and in our lives. What steps can you take in 2018 to help you grow in biblical literacy?

  4. Likewise, there are some choices that are not prescriptive in scripture, meaning you have freedom to decide how to do them. Think of some topics that typically cause tensions for moms – food choices, educational choices, extracurricular choices, etc. Does the Bible give specific instructions for how Christians ought to do these things or do Christians have freedom to choose?

  5. We all want to love God, care for our families, and make disciples. By building one another up in biblical truth and extending grace, we can come together as a united body to spread the gospel of Christ. This could happen through hosting a Bible study, serving in the nursery at a church nearby, or inviting neighbors into your home. What is one change you can make at the start of this year to serve a “different-than-you” mom?