Ep. 90 || Unified With Your Husband: Different Styles, Same Mission

Parenting alongside your husband can sometimes feel overwhelming. We want to be intentional, but it can seem like we have wildly different plans than our spouses! In this episode, Emily and Laura give a nod to Valentine’s Day by diving into a marriage topic: unity with our husbands. Even though we have differences, God has joined us in marriage for his mission in our homes and has equipped us to do it together. Through Christ’s perfect record, we can humbly forgive one another, refocus on our mission, and live in unity with our husbands every day.

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We know that God has united us with our spouses and given us a mission, which is really wonderful. Depending on the day, we can feel like the best team on the planet or like the most randomly paired duo ever. Thankfully, we know that the gospel provides hope and refocuses our marriages daily! Instead of needing to reach perfection, we experience the freedom of Christ’s perfect score (when we definitely deserve a failing grade). This is the power of the gospel – ending our striving and freeing us to forgive, repent, and love those around us, so we can experience unity in Christ.

  1. What do you believe is God’s mission for all parents as taught in scripture? In what ways are you working towards this mission in your day-to-day-lives?

  2. Each family is special with unique circumstances, giftings, and people – God designed it that way! What do you believe is your family’s unique mission within the larger calling?

  3. When you feel disunified with your spouse, what is your first reaction normally? Do you examine your own heart? Do you find a time to talk when you are both well-rested, focused, and peaceful?For what particular changes in your heart should you pray? How can your approach honor your husband and God?

  4. When sin affects our marriages – as we know it will – how does the gospel free us to try again? What does it mean for you to receive Christ’s perfect score in life? What does it mean for your spouse to receive it? Does this change the way you view one another?