Ep. 98 || Motherhood & Music: Remembering the Gospel Through Song

There is just something about music that helps us remember things we’ve learned in a way that other methods can’t match! In this episode, Laura and Emily celebrate our opportunity to worship God through song. No matter what our singing voices sound like, we can all benefit from remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness through shared songs in the Christian faith. By inviting these moments of worship into our homes, we’re able to experience the joy of knowing God and resting in his promises as a whole family.

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The history of the Christian faith is full of music and praise-filled worship. From Moses to Jesus to us, we are able to use the gift of song to bring God glory and remind ourselves of his goodness to us. And we can do this anytime in our homes with our kiddos! We don’t need to have the best voices to experience the joyfulness that comes from singing of God’s love and faithfulness. We just need to sing.

  1. Have you ever noticed that you can remember the lyrics to your favorite song from sixth grade but not how to balance an atomic equation? Music helps us remember things! What kind of impact can music have on your family?

  2. Music can be used to remember the ways God has been faithful to us and how he’ll continue to be faithful to us in the future. Spend some time thinking of biblically-rich hymns or worship songs that will teach your children the promises of God. What have these songs taught you?

  3. Worshipping God humbles us as we remember who he is and who we are. Our God is holy and perfect, but we are sinful and in need of our Savior Jesus. How can you incorporate music into your house rhythms to help impress these truths on your heart? How does remembering the gospel bring grace into our lives and our homes?

  4. We can so easily forget who God is. We worry about provision in our lives, how a situation will unfold, or a slew of other things! Our hearts are easily distracted, but we know God’s truth can help reorient us to right perspective. How can singing about the characteristics of God help your family rejoice amidst struggles or uncertainty?

  5. When we learn these songs rich in theological truth, we’re often learning songs of tradition (like hymns that have been sung for hundreds of years)! One wonderful aspect of this is that we’re able to join with other believers to worship together with the same song. How might you help your kids learn some of the more celebrated hymns (ex. “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” “Come Thou Fount,” “It Is Well,” etc.) so that they can join in corporate worship, which is a foretaste of heaven?