Carry The Message of Grace To Your Children

Carry The Message of Grace To Your Children

Even if you only shared the basic message of the gospel with your child 1 time every 2 weeks, by the age of 5, they will have already heard the good news of Jesus about 130 times.

130 times for the pattern of of creation, fall, restoration, redemption to be heard and absorbed.

130 opportunities for the gospel message to spark repentance and authentic belief in Jesus.

130 moments where you slowed down enough to share the biggest story that matters eternally.

And that's only remembering every couple of weeks. 

What if we remembered every week, or nearly everyday? Can you imagine what foundational truths we could root deep into the hearts of our children?

In truth, it doesn't feel like these little efforts really add up. Reading the bible here or there, praying inconsistently before meals, pointing out the beauty of God in everyday moments - they seem like small, feeble attempts at passing along our faith - but EACH. EFFORT. MATTERS.

Not because we are awesome or have lovely words, but because faith comes by hearing the word of God and the gospel. 

Because the word of God is living and active. 
Because the word goes out and does the work for us - all we have to do is be faithful to carry the message.

No matter how weary you are today, remember to carry the message of grace to your children.

Carry it to the crib.
Carry it to the playground.
Carry it to the minivan.
Carry it to the dinner table.
Carry it to the bedside.

Carry it with confidence in God's ability to do big things with your small, everyday investments. 

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