Why Nurturing Your Infant Matters For Eternity

Nursery workers, grandmas, foster parents, caregivers and (of course) mamas - listen up!

It might seem like what you're doing isn't THAT big of a deal. It might feel like ANYONE can change diapers or give bottles or rock a baby. And yes, to some extent, that's true. But you are doing so much more than JUST meeting physical needs.

When you choose to love an infant well: singing that quiet song, using that dorky voice, smiling in that silly way, reading that repetitive book, or feeding that messy snack - you are displaying God's love.

You are validating that child's God-given worth.

You are doing something humble with great impact.

You are shaping the brain and heart of a human being.

This isn't just any old work. This is kingdom work. 

Each Christlike action towards that infant is like a valuable jewel being placed in the treasure-chest of the heart. The real investment doesn't begin later, the riches are adding up now.

It's not for us to say whether or not that child will someday notice and accept these riches, available to them in Christ, but we can certainly help lay the best possible foundation for that child to later hear and receive the gospel.

So next time you are with that sweet infant, make the little investments and trust God to do the rest. Your love matters, because it points to the greatest love they can ever experience. 

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