Free Printable: Weekly Prayer Card and Blank Prayer / Scripture Card

Prayer is the most intimate activity I can share with God, the utmost in self revelation, the place where I can bare my heart and soul before Him. In prayer, I am made vulnerable to God, my truest self is revealed, and I find the promise that God is transforming this ragamuffin into royalty – a son of the King.
— Terry Glaspey

In motherhood, prayer can feel as elusive as finding space in your day to take a shower. It seems we all wish we did it more, but it can be a struggle to find the time or be consistent with it. Thankfully, there's no perfect formula to prayer - it's simply talking with God - and you can do that anytime, even while changing diapers or making lunch. God longs for us to come to him all the time, any time, just as we are - even as a frazzled mom trying to get out the door for preschool drop off in the morning. 

Because prayer isn't about rules, it's about relationship.



And yet, when we do finally sit down to intentionally pray, our minds seem to quickly fill with the to-do list of things left undone: the forms to fill out, the laundry pile to conquer, the note to be sent, the birthday party that needs planned.

That's why we've designed these two, free prayer printables, for you, the busy mom. While it can feel hard to believe, it is still possible to have a fruitful and intentional prayer life in a season of young children. These little cards are designed to be simple tools to help you stay consistent and focused as you spend time with the Lord. Even if you can't find five minutes of quiet during the day to truly sit down and pray, these cards are small enough to fit inside your purse (and definitely your diaper bag!) and can help you redeem the time as you go throughout your day, bringing to mind specific things you want to talk with God about. 


"Thy Will be done" - Weekly Prayer Card

The Weekly Prayer Card is designed to help you stay organized and focused in your prayer life. Divided up by days of the week along the top, and categorical prompts along the side, each day you'll pray for a specific request in each topic area that you fill in ahead of time.

The categories include: 

  • My Love

  • My Littles

  • My Friends

  • My Community

This is a great card for writing down general requests in each category that will help bring ideas to mind, such as "My Love: Work, Fatherhood, Spiritual Life, Communication, Conflict." Or, since it's a free download, print off several and write down more specific things each week and note as God answers your requests. 

Designed at 5x7", it's perfect to slip inside your Bible, a notebook or devotional journal to pull out during your quiet times, or carry with out throughout the day. 


Blank Prayer / Scripture Cards

These blank cards serve multiple purposes. They're perfect for writing out your current favorite scripture memory verse or writing down additional prayer requests you'd like to keep in mind. You could even try writing out the names of God as you speak prayers of praise, or take time to write out areas of sin you're asking God to work in. Whatever you do with these little cards, we hope you will keep them with you and pull them out often. 

At 4.25x5.5" you'll be able to easily keep them handy for your needs. 

Printing instructions can be found below! 

For more tools to help equip you in gospel-centered motherhood, check out our RM|EQUIPPING page. There you'll find even more resources to help you live intentionally as a mother, growing in Biblical literacy and your love of God. 


* Please note: All printables are © Risen Motherhood. All artwork in the downloadable PDF is free for personal use, not commercial use. Sharing on blogs or social media is welcome, but please remember to give credit to Risen Motherhood and link back to this page, not directly to the PDF download. 

How to print these free printables: 

  1. Visit the RM|EQUIPPING page.

  2. Select the printable you'd like to download

  3. Print out the PDF on your home computer or at a copy center.

  4. For the weekly prayer card and prayer/scripture card , we recommend printing on a heavy weight cardstock.