The Lie of "I'll do it tomorrow."

"I'll do it tomorrow"

Four words, that seem like basic procrastination, are actually a hiding place for so much sin.

"I'll get back into my 'regular' time in the Word tomorrow."
"I'll have more self-control with food tomorrow."
"I'll be kinder to my children tomorrow, when I've had a better night's sleep."
"I'll invite that young couple over another day - maybe tomorrow."
"I'll get to that pile that my husband keeps asking me to go through, but not until tomorrow."
"I'll pray for that friend when I have more time to myself tomorrow."
"I'll be more consistent with training and discipline tomorrow."

"I'll do" and "tomorrow" are staples in my mental vocabulary, giving me a false sense of power, security, and dominion over my flesh. But they lie.

The lie of "I'll do..." is that in my own efforts, by my own intelligence and savvy, I can muster up the ability to create lasting change. It's thinking that I'm able to wake up one day and be different, just because I want to be. It's living in the delusion that my flesh isn't that strong, sin isn't that bad, and I'm not that enslaved. I can do it.

The life of "tomorrow..." is that I'm in control of time and don't live by human limitations. Although the sins of others needs to be stopped immediately, I can do mine for a little longer without really reaping any serious consequences. It's presuming on God's grace, making it cheap for my own convenience. It's thinking that I'm in charge of what happens tomorrow, and believing it's guaranteed to be there.

Instead of "I'll do it tomorrow" it's time to start saying, "God help" It's immediate repentance when I feel my heart resisting holiness and longing to live for myself. It's stopping in my tracks, acknowledging my own inability, and crying out for his ability. It's getting down to pray in those moments, even with my kids beside me to admit, "Mommy needs God's help."

Putting off a load of laundry until tomorrow might be the right course of action sometimes, depending on the situation - but when it comes to the serious matters of the heart, like the matters of self-serving pride, TODAY is the day for turning to the Lord.

- Emily