If not, feel free to drop us an email - we love hearing from our listeners!

Do you take submissions for guests on the show?

While we don't consider ourselves an interview show, we do periodically feature guests on the show as God leads us to cover topics that we cannot personally speak to. Currently, interviews are by Risen Motherhood's request only, as we do not accept unsolicited submissions for guests on the show.

Do you take guest submissions for your blog?

We love hearing how many women are using their gift for the written word for the glory of God. Currently, our editorial calendar is full for the near future, but we hope to have an open call for submissions someday soon. Keep an eye out!

What Bible studies do you recommend?

We're so glad you desire to study God's word! Please visit our resources page to see all our tools for spiritual growth. Also, you can reference the Ask Us Anything show notes for some specific studies we've enjoyed.

What books / music / scripture memory tool / etc. should I use with my kids?

With eight kiddos combined, we're constantly trying new tools and resources for spiritual training and growth. Checkout our children's resources page for a full list of the tools we love!

What book should I read to grow in motherhood? 

Depending on what area you want to grow in, you might consider checking show notes or blog posts by topic for shorter articles, videos, and related content. If you're wanting to engage in an actual book, we have a growing list for gospel-centered motherhood on our resources page.

Could I interview you for my podcast, blog, magazine, website, etc.?

We love connecting with new audiences and we're passionate about encouraging others in gospel-centered motherhood! We'd be happy to review your request, and time-permitting (we're both still full-time stay-at-home-moms!), one or both of us would love to participate. 

How do Emily and Laura know each other? 

Emily is married to one of Laura's older brothers (Brad), so we are sister-in-laws! (We're also great friends of course!)

Why are your shows only 20 minutes? Have you considered longer shows? 

We know at times it can feel like there is "more to say" on a topic, but we have put a lot of thought into the time-frame of our show. For every person we hear from that would like longer shows, we hear many more that tell us the 20-minute time frame is more approachable for a busy mom's life and what (particularly, initially) helped them to be open to listening to the show. In addition, the shorter time frame allows Emily and Laura to be able to produce more content, allowing us to continue providing new, high quality shows each week.

Our hope is that our podcasts are discussion starters, something that can kick-start conversations between moms and inspire them to dive deeper into the topic to learn more for themselves – that's why we include additional articles in our show notes to point listeners to solid resources where they can learn more. If you really want to hear longer shows, most of our interviews are around 35 minutes, and we do have one episode, the Ask Us Anything, Spring 2017 show that is a FULL HOUR of us talking. We were exhausted after recording, to say the least. :) 

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

Great question, it can be a bit tricky! Here's a tutorial

How do I rate and/or review a podcast?

We have so appreciated every rating and review we've received - and because we know it's not always a straightforward process, we built a tutorial for that as well. 

I'd like to donate to Risen Motherhood – is there a place I can do that?

First of all, wow. Just wow. We are completely humbled by your willingness to monetarily support Risen Motherhood. Each month, we pay fees for podcast, website and domain hosting, as well as to develop creative content for the blog, social media, branding, marketing and RM|Equipping. As Risen Motherhood is generally funded solely through affiliate sales and supplemented out-of-pocket by Laura and Emily, your willingness to donate means so much – and will truly go far in supporting and extending this ministry. You can donate here, and please know that 100 percent of proceeds will go to provide for the podcast and online community. Thank you for linking arms with us!

Do you take sponsorships or run giveaways?

Yes and no. We are not currently accepting ad-spots on the show, but if you'd like to introduce your brand or product to our listeners you can partner with us on our website or through social media in a few different ways. We take extreme care in each and every partnership we make and the product must be something we use and love. In all partnerships, we look for business that align with our community values and statement of faith. If you think you'd be a great fit for our listeners, visit our partnership page and send us an email. (If you have a book for us to review, please see the below question.) 

I have a Bible study / book / devotional I'd like you to endorse or review - what's the process? 

Congrats on your book! We are currently not accepting unsolicited requests for book endorsement or review. All of the books we endorse (through social media, by listing on the resources page, or talking about on the show) are listed because Emily and Laura have personally read and evaluated each of them. Because a book takes so much time to vet, we unfortunately are not able to accept inquiries for book reviews at this time. 

I have a show idea! Can I submit that to you?

Our shows are scheduled out several months in advance, but we still love hearing about new topics that would interest our listeners! Before you send one, you may want to check our archives to see if we've already covered it (so you can hear it sooner!). If not, please feel free to send your idea our way.

I'm looking for more podcasts to listen to, do you have any recommendations? 

Yes - of course we do! We love the world of podcasts, there's so much to learn! While we could go on and on (we're always switching up what we listen to and finding new ones), here are some of the podcasts we keep coming back to again and again: Word Matters, Ask Pastor John, At Home with Sally Clarkson, Radical with David Platt, Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology, The Gospel Coalition, The Briefing, Help Me Teach The Bible with Nancy Guthrie, Revive our Hearts, Flower Mound Women's Bible Study (Jen Wilkin). And these last two are not Biblically-based, but we like them for easy entertainment: This American Life, and How I Built This.

I'm thinking of starting a podcast - any advice? What equippment should I buy?

First of all, how fun! We love seeing so many people getting started with podcast. Getting a podcast launched off the ground can be a little complicated, so it's definitely important to do your research first. There are lots of great blog posts and articles out there on how to start one, so we won't go into great detail here, just give it a Google!

Our top tips are to remember that podcasting isn't free (like blogging) but does typically require a small monthly financial investment for hosting services at minimum. In addition, we recommend you make sure you know what you want each episode's main point(s) to be - and write down detailed notes if you have to! That way you can stay on message the entire time and not forget something important or wander off on a bunny trail. Strive to be concise and not ramble. At Risen Motherhood, we try to get to some sort of "meat" by three minutes in. That's not how every podcast does it, but generally it's best to give your listeners "something" in return for their time as soon as you can, so you're not wasting precious minutes of their day. After recording, ask yourself: "Was that interesting? Or was I bored?" If you're bored with you, everyone will be bored with you. Be ruthless. No one will enjoy your own voice as much as you. Don't be afraid to re-record and try again. 

As far as equippment, a great mic makes all the difference! We each have this microphone and use a combination of Skype, GarageBand and QuickTime to record and produce shows, and use Libsyn for hosting. Again, there are lots of robust and in-depth tutorials out there, so just get on a search engine and you'll sort it out quickly!