Risen Motherhood has a highly engaged audience of moms (Plus some dads, and even grandparents!) around the world. Most are mothers to young children, under the age of eight. Outside of show sponsorships, we currently do not accept paid partnerships or product reviews through advertising on social media or sponsored posts, as everything we share on those platforms with our community comes from a genuine desire to show people the products we use and love in our own lives. If you’d like your organization or brand to sponsor an episode of the podcast, please visit email our partnerships manager, Amanda Philgreen at for more information.

If you send your product to the Risen Motherhood team for review, we'd be happy to look at it. If we have time and it's a fit, we may do one or a combination of the following:

  • Share it on the Risen Motherhood podcast.

  • Share it on our social media platform(s).

  • Include it in a giveaway. (We do four group giveaways each year, receiving more than 50k entries, and individual items receive a feature on our IG and FB stories).

  • List it on our resources page. (Accessed by tens thousands of women each month.)

Please send two copies of your product to: 

Risen Motherhood, 2519 Chamberlain Street, Suite 101, Ames, IA 50014

* Please note: We not are currently accepting unsolicited requests for book endorsement/review or for guests on our podcast. Please see this page for more information. 

We take extreme care in each and every resource we recommend to our listeners, checking for Biblical accuracy, and relevancy to our audience. Due to the volume of requests we receive to review products, we can't promise a time-frame for how quickly your item will be reviewed or if it will be endorsed by Risen Motherhood. 

If you have another question or way to partner with us, please contact us using the form below.

Please note: This is a Christian podcast, therefore in all partnerships, we look for business that align with our community values and statement of faith. 

WOULD YOU LIKE TO collaborate with risen motherhood in another way? a speaking engagement, writing, or an interview? YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION HERE.

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