Risen Motherhood has a highly engaged audience of moms (Plus some dads, and even grandparents!) around the world. Most are mothers to young children, under the age of eight. If you'd like to introduce your brand to thousands of our listeners through Risen Motherhood's website and social media, please contact us using the form below for more information about our audience and rates.

* Note: We not are currently accepting unsolicited requests for book endorsement or review. Please see the note on this page for more information. 

We take extreme care in each and every resource we recommend to our listeners, checking for Biblical accuracy and soundness and relevancy to our audience. Due to the volume of requests we receive to review products, we can't promise that your item will be reviewed or endorsed by Risen Motherhood. 

Please note: This is a Christian podcast, therefore in all partnerships, we look for business that align with our community values and statement of faith. 

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