Ep. 103 || When Snack Time is Scary

Summer break is over, and the weekly show is back! In this episode, Emily and Laura discuss how the gospel applies to snack time. It may seem like a “lighter” topic, but our opinions, preferences, and rules about snack time reveal a lot about our hearts. Whether you’re guilt-ridden about “giving in” or glued to your snack standards, the gospel reminds us to identify with Christ as we love our littlest neighbors.

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Every few hours you hear the tiny pit-pat of feet searching for you, “Is it snack time yet?” they call out, and you think, “Is it?! Already?” For many of us, we spend a good deal of time planning, making, and serving food in our homes. But just like anything else in our lives, the way we view snack time shows what our hearts worship most. Do we feel pride over having the “perfect” snack? Or fear of what others think when we pull out crackers at the playground? Here’s the thing: God, in his mercy, provided food for our families in these moments, and regardless of what type of snack it is, our hearts should be grateful as we worship the Creator, not the created.

  1. There’s no reason to over-analyze every snack you place in front of your children, but it is beneficial to think of your overall beliefs regarding snacks in your home. What matters most to you? What types of snacks do you use most often? How do you feel when someone else feeds your kiddo a snack (approved or not approved by you)?

  2. Considering your answers to those questions, which pitfalls do you see in your heart? It may be a combination—pride when you’ve accomplished the “perfect” snack or guilt when you realize all you have is the “junk” option in the cupboard. But overall, what do your reactions reveal about your heart?

  3. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve disobeyed God because they believed he was withholding something from them that may have added satisfaction or value to their lives. Their sin in eating a forbidden piece of fruit caused all of humanity to inherit rebellious hearts. How does sin affect our beliefs or attitudes about snacks? How does sin cause disunity among believers over food?

  4. Freedom in Christ is given to every believer. How can we understand snack time as a personal liberty and pursue unity in Christ with one another despite differences? How is following another’s preferences or choosing to overlook our own desires a way to show God’s love towards one another?

  5. Finally, how does this freedom cultivate thankfulness and allow you to enjoy snack time with your kiddos? How can you mirror gratitude for your children for the good gifts of God—both applesauce and pizza included—in how you speak about, make, and serve snacks?