Ep. 111 || Seasons and Rhythms: Incorporating Gospel Reminders Into Your Year

Our daily schedules are busy, so it’s no wonder we’re surprised when all of a sudden it’s a new season. If we don’t intentionally stop to think about them, they pass us by! In this episode, Emily and Laura share how incorporating gospel reminders into your year can help your family remember God’s sovereignty and story of redemption. It’s not another burden or thing to check off a list, but rather a chance to bring joy into your home as you remember Christ in every season.

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Choosing to celebrate or follow the church calendar isn’t a requirement among Christians, but it is something we can work into our rhythms to help our families remember Christ throughout the year. It can be as simple as reading the same book every Christmas season or doing the same service project every summer—whatever works for your family. But if we try to do all the things to be “good’ Christians or to “measure up” against one another, we’ll be left bruised and burdened. Instead, we use the calendar to pause in our busyness to reflect on the goodness of Christ and our future with him. It reminds us of  our truest hope and joy.

  1. In the beginning, God created, filled, and brought order to the heavens and the earth. We see it in the seasons and the daily sunrises and sunsets. We can even see a glimpse of this pattern in our own lives—the school year, our seasonal activities, etc. Think of your specific family; what activities or experiences mark the change of seasons in your year? Where do you see shifts naturally occuring in your lives?

  2. We’re all prone to living selfishly, but the church calendar reminds us of our sin and brokenness, our need for a Savior, God’s love and provision for us, and our eternal future with him. How can you incorporate parts (or all) of the church calendar to refocus your family on gospel truths? In what ways are you already pausing to remember God’s promises?

  3. We don’t want to go through the motions of traditions, impressing others with our actions while turning our hearts away from God. But it’s something we all do. Thankfully, we’re not found righteous because of our Advent calendars, Easter crafts, or Reformation readings. How does Christ’s supremacy in our lives free us from try to earn favor or feeling burdened by participating in the church calendar?

  4. God doesn’t ask for us to become expert crafters, history experts, or weighed down by the task of executing a perfect church calendar. We simply share what we’re already learning as we spend time in God’s word, in the local church, and in community with other believers. What are some things you can share with your children right now as we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas? (Ex. Learning to find joy in Jesus, showing gratefulness through serving others)

  5. One day, we won’t need these reminders. We’ll eternally live in the presence of God, fully in awe and worship of our great Father. There will be no distractions, no selfishness, and no burdens—just joy. How can the church calendar be used in your home to remind your family of this future reality? How can it offer glimpses of our glorious future of God to your family right now?