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What Does it Mean to Remember the Gospel?

What Does it Mean to Remember the Gospel?

This year around our anniversary, my husband and I stayed in and looked at old pictures and scrapbooks. We flipped the pages slowly, reminiscing about our favorite dates, the way we pursued each other, and the things we were first attracted to.

By the end of the evening, it felt like someone wiped the fog from our glasses so we could see each other clearly again, realizing that not only did our love remain, but it was forged stronger by years of hard things and shared purpose.

Especially when it comes to love, remembering is not just about drumming up memories, but having a matured awareness of the way people and experiences have impacted our lives. We remember things all the time, and we know how a memory can change our perspective on a current mood or situation.

God created us this way, and he draws upon our ability to remember in his word by giving symbols, benchmarks, and stories that bring his goodness and faithfulness back to the forefront of the minds of his people, which in turn helps us ultimately, “Remember the gospel.”

Even though we know the gospel is important, the cares of life fog our gospel lenses.

Our once clean glasses—seeing ourselves, our relationships, and experiences in the context of God’s saving work become covered with the gook of social media distractions, conflicts with family, diapers that need changing, work deadlines that are looming, health issues, and the demand to get dinner on the table ten minutes ago.

This is why we must stop and intentionally, “Remember the gospel.” We must sit by the side of the road, take off our dirty glasses, and clean them.

Take time to read God’s word. Take time to pray and share our concerns. Take time to read good books that point us to the gospel. Take time to meet with other believers.

It’s only after this type of stopping, resting, and remembering that we stand back up with a renewed awareness of God’s love for us, our love for him, and the unbreakable covenant he’s made through the sacrifice of Christ.

When you’re frustrated, exhausted, or bummed—remember the gospel.

Turn back to him, remember that first love, and rejoice at the fact that he’ll keep you forever.


When Littles Make You Want to Check Out in Marriage

When Littles Make You Want to Check Out in Marriage

Life with little ones can make marriage challenging at times...

The dates you promised to go on with some regularity are shortened by a nursing baby that won't take a bottle. 
The idea of going out of town for a getaway can be unrealistic when you have to find willing and available childcare.
The ability to watch a movie at home is even rare, if you share your bedroom with a baby crib and can barely keep your eyes open past 9:30.

Even so, it's still possible to have a healthy and thriving marriage in the season of babies and small children. Especially when you recognize it's more about making the small daily choices than waiting on all the big romantic gestures.