Ep. 100 || Ask Us Anything! Spring 2018 Edition

When we ask for questions from the RM community, they range from the super practical to the thought-provoking and theological, which makes the AUA show something really special. In this one-hour episode, Laura and Emily answer listeners’ questions from what they cook for dinner and their daily routines, to short anecdotal examples of how they approach discipline and what they value about their friendship. They even touch on one of our most frequently asked questions: how do you approach intimacy in the little years? We hope that as you listen in, you’ll see that the gospel truly does impact every aspect of motherhood, and we’re all learning with you.

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If you’ve been around RM for more than a short while, you know that we love the freedom the gospel gives each family to discern what is best for and most glorifying to God in their unique situations. From working in and out of the home to how a family celebrates the Sabbath, we can bring God glory in many different ways. We hope that what you heard in today’s show can spark conversations on the many ways we can spur one another on as we chase after the same goal: to bring God glory in all that we think and do.

  1. Sharing with a sister-in-Christ the things you value and appreciate about her can be incredibly encouraging and uplifting. Laura and Emily were able to surprise one another with their answers on the show! Is there a woman in your life that you love to learn from and do life alongside of? How can you share the traits of godliness that you see in her life or why you value your relationship with her?

  2. We know that rest is a gift from God and something we, as limited humans, need. Do you have a rhythm of rest built into your family’s patterns? What are some additional ways you could create rest for your family (ex. Paper plates and leftovers one day a week, free nap time for anyone, etc.)?

  3. Emily mentioned natural consequences as part of her discipline strategies in the home, since we see this in scripture. While God always extends grace and forgiveness to those who ask, it doesn’t mean we don’t experience consequences from our sin. Can you think of any instances where you’ve experienced deep grace from God but also a natural consequence from your choices? How did this teach and instruct you? How might this process help you in training your children?

  4. Questions about intimacy can so quickly become, “Just tell me how many times a week or month!” But every married couple is different, and each of us needs to examine our hearts and discuss the topic with our husbands. How can you approach this topic with your husband in a loving and respectful way? How can expectations change during different seasons of life? How can you show your spouse love in a way that he will understand and appreciate?

  5. Motherhood looks different for every mom, but we are in the beautiful position to spur one another on. How might you encourage a mom in your community as she seeks to pursue and honor God in all things? How might you ask for help from a mom you know and trust?