Ep. 96 || Freedom in Education Choices: An Interview with Jen Wilkin on Public Schooling, Part 4

Deciding how to educate your child can be overwhelming, but momma, there is freedom—because of the gospel— in our education methods. In this episode, Emily and Laura interview Jen Wilkin, a wife, mom, author, and Bible teacher, on her family’s decision to educate their children through the public school system. We all have unique situations when it comes to schooling, but our ultimate consideration is how to honor Christ as we care for our families (and our communities) in the decision making process.

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  1. As we’ve explored over the last few weeks, there are many options to consider when deciding how to educate your child! Your family has its own unique needs when thinking about schooling options. What are some of the needs your family must consider while choosing a school?

  2. We like to be seen as “good parents” by our peers and relatives. But sometimes the desire to be seen and liked can turn our hearts towards human-approval instead of God-centered decision making. Do you experience parental peer pressure? How does the gospel free you from the opinions of others?

  3. While a third grade teacher may have some influence over your child’s day, they don’t have the largest impact over your child’s life; you do. What God-given teaching and training responsibilities do you have as a parent that no teacher can fulfill?

  4. We should never make a decision based on fear. Consider your feelings and opinions on schooling so far. What scares you about each schooling option? What is the gospel response to fear?

  5. No matter where your child attends school, this stage of life will provide ample opportunity for conversations with the family. How can you use your “home time” to be intentional with your kiddos? What routines can you add to your daily rhythm to help you understand your child’s school life and point them to Christ in their daily lives?