Ep. 97 || Locking Arms With Moms Ahead of Us

You’re not the first mom to wonder, “How often should I bathe my kid?” or “How do you teach a stubborn child to obey?” Since other moms have asked these same questions, there may be someone with the biblical insight you need in your season of motherhood. In this episode, Laura and Emily remind us that looking to and learning from a mom who is in a season ahead of us can be a helpful way to apply biblical truth to the difficult situations in our lives! Despite our different life circumstances, we can learn from and teach one another because of our common status as believers in Christ. From one momma to another, let’s pass on God’s wisdom.

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We were made for community and for regular fellowship within the body of Christ. Scripture encourages older women to teach what is good and to help train up younger women—a gift to the church, to families, and to those younger women! We grow in godliness through the study of God’s word with other believers, and many times, we need a mom who’s a few steps ahead of us to help us apply the riches of the gospel to our parenting challenges, joys, and everything in between. We may not all be in the same circumstances, but we do all serve the same good God—and because of that, a biblical mentor can be a great gift of encouragement and wisdom.

  1. You’re not the first mom to ask a question about motherhood and the gospel, and you won’t be the last. While it’s encouraging to high-five and fist pump with moms in the same season as you, there is an added element of insight that comes from being a season or two ahead in life. Have you ever had a mentor? If so, what were some of the benefits of intentionally living life with a wiser woman? If not, what are the important elements in a mentoring relationship?

  2. Because of the fall, all of our relationships are marred by sin. We may be prideful by refusing an offer of help or guidance. We may be fearful of asking for or offering to be a mentor because we feel inadequate or ill-prepared. But we all need to respond to the discipleship we’re called to do or receive. What keeps you from a mentoring relationship? Read Titus 2:1-5, and pray for God’s wisdom about inviting a woman to speak godly counsel into your life.

  3. By God’s grace, we are forgiven for all the ways we sin—our lack of humility, engagement, or trust; our pride, laziness, and selfishness. Our new identity as followers of Christ connects us to one another and allows us to enjoy fellowship together. What are the important things to have in common in a mentoring relationship? Specifically in your situation, what are the gray areas that you can differ on?

  4. To offer biblical counsel and encouragement, you don’t need to be a particular age. You just need to be a step ahead of someone—even if they have fewer or more years than you do. Is there a woman you could come alongside of in life right now? What would it look like to genuinely offer her support and encouragement? (Ex. Praying together weekly, coffee dates monthly, etc.)

  5. To know what God says, we must know what his word says. How can you incorporate scripture study or conversation into your time with a mentor?