Ep. 109 || Ask Us Anything! Fall 2018 Edition

Whenever we ask the R|M community for questions, they range from lighthearted and practical to thought-provoking and theological, which makes the AUA show something special. In this one-hour episode, Emily and Laura answer listeners’ questions from thoughts about date nights and what kind of cars they drive, to how they encourage their children to pray and  how their families handle Santa. We hope as you listen, you’ll see how the gospel applies to everything and how we have freedom in Christ to serve our families in unique ways.

Questions (Time-Stamped):

[3:37] “What kind of car do you each drive?”

[7:25] “What’s it like living with your parents, Laura? Any tips on clashing with parents?”

[11:40] “Do you guys use essential oils?”

[12:54] “What do you think about forcing your children to hug grandparents/family/strangers?”

[15:19] “What’s your enneagram number?”

[23:54] “How have your husbands been a part of R|M?”

[27:06] “Do you wrestle with the influence you have and how has the Lord guided you in this?”

[33:14] “How do you do date night? How do you strengthen your marriage in the busyness of littles?”

[38:34] “How do you introduce or encourage a toddler to pray?”

[40:41] “How you explain image bearers to young kids?”

[45:50] “I’m using catechisms with my 18-month-old and feeling frustrated. Am I having too high of expectations?”

[48:07] “How do you approach Santa and other non-advent type Christmas traditions? Is this how you handle the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy…”

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R|M Apply:

If you’ve been around RM for awhile, you know the freedom the gospel gives each family to discern what is best for and most glorifying to God in their unique situations. From grandparent relationships to holidays and date nights, we can bring God glory in many different ways. We hope what you heard in today’s show can spark conversations about how this looks in your family.

  1. One of the best ways we “remember the gospel” is to recall God’s past faithfulness in our lives. Think of how God has provided for and sustained your family—get specific. What did his faithfulness prove about his character? How will knowing more of his character encourage you in a present or future difficult season?

  2. The Lord calls each of us into his service to do the good works he prepared for us—whether that’s recording a podcast, caring for children, teaching in your local church, or something else. Instead of looking at our sisters-in-Christ or wishing for a different sphere in which to share the gospel, we’re to be obedient to the Word of God in our daily lives. What spheres of influence has God given you in order for you to share the gospel? How can you be faithful in those things?

  3. Marriage is founded on our covenant with our husbands and God and serves as a picture of Christ and his church. So while date night, romantic gestures, and big experiences like traveling are wonderful gifts from God, they’re not essential to have a fruitful, Christ-honoring marriage. Our marriages grow as we daily obey God’s word in our relationship. What are some practical ways—prayer, service, forgiveness—you can show your husband you love him today?

  4. There isn’t an A+B=C formula for raising Christian kids, but we can model Christian living in front of our kids to show them how to be a disciple of Christ. If you want them to learn how to pray, pray in front of them. If you want them to learn to be hospitable, open up your home to others. How can you show your children faithful living by your example?

  5. Hopefully, our AUA shows remind you of the freedom we have in Christ to serve our unique families in various ways for God’s glory. You can go on date nights, have gifts from Santa under the tree, record a podcast, research your enneagram, or start catechism questions with a newborn—the issue is always the heart. How does examining our hearts reveal our idols? How does the gospel rescue us from idolatry?