Spring 2019 Ask Us Anything

The RM Team loves seeing questions roll in when we’re prepping for an “Ask Us Anything” podcast episode with Emily and Laura. Unfortunately, we can’t answer every question submitted to us—there’s not enough time. However, we have a treasure trove of resources and information in our show archives, article archives, and old show notes that have already answered some of the questions we receive. If you didn’t hear Emily and Laura answer your question on this most recent AUA show, check below. We’ve rounded up a collection links from previous RM content (plus a few other sources) to help answer some of the most asked question we received.


  1. How can I learn time management? How do you navigate schedules, activities, feeds, meal planning, etc.?

  2. I’m overwhelmed and anxious with two tiny ones. At what point do you begin to feel more okay with where you are?

  3. What are your best tips to quickly calm yourself down when you feel yourself losing your temper with your kids?

  4. How do you shift your heart and attitude when everyone and everything annoys you? How do you reset your heart?

  5. How do you serve your family even if they seem ungrateful?

  6. How do you show grace to people who tell you how to parent?

  7. How do you preach the gospel to yourself and/or to your kids?

  8. As a stay-at-home mom/work-from-home mom, how do you balance staying at home and taking the kids out on outings?

  9. How do you handle the fear and/or anxiety that comes with transitions (moving, new baby, new job, etc.)?

  10. How do you think about body image?

  11. What lessons have you learned being on this special needs journey?

  12. How do you make time for self-care? What does it look like for you?

  13. Failure. I feel that way a lot as a mom and a wife. How can I combat it biblically?

  14. How do you approach practicing hospitality?


  1. What do you do if you have PPD?

2. Any tips on dealing with birth trauma?

3. Do you have encouragement for the pregnant or postpartum mom who needs patience and a peaceful attitude?

5. How do you discern when you’re done with having children?

6. I am expecting my first, second, third child. What are the best resources to equip myself?


  1. How do you still enjoy sex when you’re feeling used up, tried, and/or very unbeautiful all the time? How do you balance intimacy with your husband while being exhausted?

  2. What are some practical ways you intentionally show love to your husband in everyday life?

  3. What do you do for date nights? How do you prioritize your marriage?

  4. How do you encourage your husband to lead your family?

  5. How do you handle a discipline issue when you and your husband don't see eye to eye?

  6. How do we know how many children we should have? How do my husband and I discuss it?

  7. How can I put my husband/marriage before kids when I don’t see him until 7 p.m.?

Family Dynamics

  1. How do you meet the needs of your children, husband, and others, while still finding time for yourself—especially in your kiddos’ early years?

  2. What advice do you have when adjusting to new additions to the family? Planning family size?

  3. Any practical advice for loving your husband in the chaos of the little years?

  4. How do you advocate for your child(ren) with special needs and be Christ-like in your words and actions?

  5. How do you handle things like independent play time?

  6. How do you cultivate such a good relationship with your sisters-in-law?

  7. What do you do with grandparents who outdo you on gifts. You buy 4, they go out and buy 5... etc. ?

8. How did you learn to love your in-laws? How do you navigate tough conversations with them?


  1. How do you maintain old friendships and seek new friendships after a move while balancing motherhood?

  2. Any advice for relationship with other church moms who act competitive about children’s development?

  3. How to handle conflict with others?

  4. How do we make friend as adults?

  5. How can hold each other accountable in the faith and spur one another on towards godliness while remaining unified in the gospel? How do you cultivate friendships with those in different seasons as you?

  6. How do you ask an older mom/woman to mentor you in a way that isn’t burdensome to them?

  7. How to start mentoring to younger gals? How do you start that conversation?


  1. What do you think about those personality tests? Strengthsfinder, enneagram, etc.?

  2. What does your church rhythm/Sabbath look like for your family in the season of young children?

  3. How do you handle anger in motherhood?

  4. What does it look like for you to fight your temptations with truth of the gospel? How can we learn to find our identity in Christ and not in our motherhood or anything else?

  5. How do we find peace in the right now?

  6. How do you know when your child has accepted Christ? If they’re ready for baptism?

    • Do you see fruit in their lives?

    • For baptism, talk to your pastor/elders

  7. How do you make decisions without being paralyzed by discovering God’s will?

  8. How can you study God’s word when you’re completely exhausted? What should my quiet time “look like?”

  9. How can I spend time in prayer through the busyness of motherhood?


  1. How do you cling to hope during/after a miscarriage or infant loss? How can you encourage your husband?

  2. How can we encourage a friend through pregnancy and infant loss?

  3. How to apply the gospel to depression/PPD?

  4. Why does God allow some to suffer?/ In a season of waiting, how do you wait well?


  1. What is your advice with disciplining children? How can I speak to the heart issues behind a sinful behavior?

  2. What are your practical tips for responding with consistency and grace to little ones before they can fully communicate?

  3. How do you balance instilling the gospel in our kids instead of “good morals”?

  4. How do you talk to your kids about sexuality in age appropriate ways?

  5. How do you include biblical truths in everyday life with a toddler?


  1. What was your journey in starting R|M?

  2. What is your favorite thing about each other?

Social Media/Technology

  1. How do you handle social media? How do we examine our hearts when viewing social media posts?

  2. How do you know how much TV to let your kids watch?